USGCH UFGCH UWP UACH GRCH Flinthill’s Something Wicked@WMK “Evyl”

Dam: ‘PR’ Blair’s Star Scarlett No Haira (Scarlett) AHT – H
Sire: Wade’s Redneck Rabblerouser (Rowdy) AHT – H

 May 17, 2004 – November 25, 2016


Evyl was born in Georgia but came to live with us very early in life. She was about the same age as a litter of pups we had at home, so she was added to the crew at age 5 weeks. She earned her UKC Champion title in her first three shows (took Best Of Winners x3). She went on to earn her Grand Champion title after competing in the minimum number of shows – 5. She took most of the BOB wins and rose quickly to the #1 spot on the Top 10 chart for 2005. Once there, she never fell from the spot. Actually, she ended the year with a landslide victory, more than 240 points ahead of her next closest competitor. She then ended 2006 in the #1 spot with limited showing. Evyl retired from conformation in 2007 but came back with a bang (and limited showing) in 2008 following the devastating tornado in GA in which her breeder perished. We wanted one of Bonnie’s dogs to be at the top of the charts, so Evyl came out of retirement and, again, took the #1 spot for 2008. She has numerous Terrier Group placements (too many to track). She was, and likely still is, the winningest AHT in UKC conformation history.

Before we stopped tallying, Evyl had taken home 1 Best Puppy Win (Boykin Spaniel Club 10/30/04), 3 Best in Show (Middle GA Kennel Club 5/15/05; Boykin Spaniel Club + HAAHTA 12/4/05 – Show 1 AND Show 2!!), 4 Best In Multi-Breed Show (FL AE Dog show  5/21/05, GA MGKC Show 10/2/05, FL FTFTA Show 11/20/05, FL STC 5/28/08), 2 Reserve Best in Show (Carolina Classic 3/05; GA MGKC Show 10/2/05), 6 Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Show wins (Boykin Spaniel 4/16/05, FL AE Dog 5/21/05, Siberian Husky 8/14/05, AHTA show in Charlotte, NC 9/17/05, Sunshine Terrier show in Wesley Chapel, FL 2/6/06, FL STC 5/28/08). In 2008, Evyl earned additional BIMBS/RIBIMBS honors, but I didn’t take the time to look it up! BAD ME!!!! Evyl has also taken Reserve Best In Show at an International Show!


Weight Pull: Evyl earned her UWP title 9/18/05 in Charlotte, NC. Her conformation wins that weekend, GRCH/BOB/Grp 1 or 2/and RBIMBS coupled with her 3 qualifying Weight Pulls, earned her 3 Total Dog Awards that weekend! Way to go Evyl! Evyl has earned many other Total Dog awards in her career as well.

Terrier Racing: Evyl earned both her United Flat Racer Champion and United Steeple Racer Champion titles. She was in All Stars for racing too!

Agility: Karyn starting training Evyl for agility in 2008. Evyl went out and earned High In Trial on her first run! Karyn had no idea why it was a big deal at the time, but now, it’s one of the pair’s fondest memories! Evyl took many other HITs in her career. She went on to earn the United Agility Champion title in July 2009. She competed in All Stars for agility and placed in the top 4!

Evyl graced the cover of Dog World magazine and represented the American Hairless Terrier breed!


Litter 1: Evyl passed all health clearances and was bred to UFR USR UWP GRCH WMK’s Catch Me If U Can (Toggyl). 5 pups were born in Dec 2006. Despite our best attempts to match structure, temperament, etc, these top winning AHTs combined to make some super duper pets. 🙁 They are all in loving pet homes!

Litter 2: Well, much to our disappointment, Evyl decided to repeat the breeding to Toggyl. It was an OOOPS litter for sure and the pups were born in July 2007. These pups had much better structure than the first litter of pups. Kyro stayed with us for a while and went on to earn her Grand Champion conformation title. However, her temperament was not exactly what we wanted to move forward with, so she was spayed and placed with a loving family in VA. Her sister Blyss earned her Champion conformation title with limited showing. Blyss’ son has gone on to win big in Slovakia. The other babies went straight to wonderful pet homes and are doing great!

Litter 3: Final litter – Evyl was bred to UFR USR GRCH Sarantais’ Mercy N Justice @ WMK (Perry). They had 5 pups in July 2010. Evyl was already 6 years old and we were hopeful that the 3rd (and last) time would be a charm. Echo and Skye went straight to pet homes and are spoiled rotten! The other 3 participated in conformation and performance events. Jemmy is a conformation CH (not exhibited often). Reilly stayed with us, earned her GRCH title, UWP, UFCH, and USCH titles too. She then went to live with her sister Skye in Wisconsin. She is spoiled to death and has 3 little girls to give her tons of attention. Gavyn lives with us and earned his USGCH UFGCH UWP and GRCH titles. Gavyn was exhibited in conformation in 2011 and 2012. He ended both years as the #1 ranked AHT in the country. Gavyn went on to earn TOP HONORS at PREMIER in June 2012. Gavyn was also the first AHT to earn National Best of Breed (NBOB) honors in Oct 2012. He has also been highly ranked in All Stars for Terrier Racing for the past several years. Despite being small in his height division, he is highly prey driven and very fast. Steeples are his specialty.

As of February 2013, Evyl remains Karyn’s heart dog and sleeps with us EVERY night.