UKC: CA USR GRCH WMK’s Cereal Killer “Wheat”
AKC: WMK’s Cereal Killer CA

Dam: CAX USCH UFGCH GRCH WMK’s That New Journey (Journey) AHT – C
Sire: CAX UAGI USGCH UFGCH GRCH Flinthill’s Rum Runner @ WMK (Rummy) AHT – C

DOB: November 26, 2012

Wheat is a coated American Hairless Terrier. She was born at our home and it looks like she will remain one of our FOREVER family members. Wheat earned her UKC CH conformation title at the age of 8 months at a Hurricane Alley American Hairless Terrier Association event in Lakeland, FL in July 2013. She went on to earn her GRCH title pretty quickly as well! :)  Wheat began her Terrier Racing career in Dec 2013 and swept the Steeples, earning a USR on her first weekend out! She is pointed towards her Flat Racing title! On her first attempt at UKC Lure Coursing, she qualified in 4 of 4 runs, earning a CA and 1 leg towards her CAX. Later in the month, she ran in her first AKC Lure Coursing trial (1 run) and earned her 1st leg in that venue. She has since earned her UKC UFR title and her AKC CA title and is pointed towards her AKC Certificate of Merit (CM) in conformation. She has also begun her Agility and Rally training. She will be competing in those events in 2015, as long as her parents get their act in gear.

    2013-2-16WheatStick_2439   e2013-2-16WheatRun_2424