PUPPIES: We just had a litter born 3/31/16. However, all of these pups have their forever homes already. Please note that most people wait more than a year for a pup from us, so if you are interested in the 2017 litter, please write wmk@ahts.net for details and/or to begin the application/approval process!

OLDER PUPS/DOGS:  We often keep more than 1 puppy from a litter and have to make heart wrenching decisions about who stays with us FOREVER and who will find their FOREVER homes in a family situation. Those dogs are placed in thoroughly screened homes after being altered (typically ovary sparing spay and/or vasectomy as research has shown that removing sex hormones prior to age 6 years has significant negative ramifications on dogs’ health, growth, bone density, and propensity for cancer). At this time, we do not have any older pups/dogs available.