GRCH WMK’s That’s That For That “Saryn”

Dam: UWPCH GRCH ‘PR’ Wade’s Red Red Whine (Taylor) AHT – H
Sire: CH Flinthill’s One Musketeer (Tagnon) AHT – H

January 6, 2004 – Feb 8, 2019

Saryn’s Pedigree

Saryn was born at our home and is one of our FOREVER family members. In the conformation ring, Saryn came out swinging in the puppy fun matches placing 2nd, 3rd, and 2nd out of ALL of the breeds at the event aged 3-6 months. At the first “official” AHT Specialty, Saryn took Best Puppy honors!! In her first “real” show, Saryn went on to win BOB honors over the CH and GRCH (7/18/04)! Saryn became a CH on Aug 7, 2004, just one day after her 7 month birthday! She became a GRCH on Oct 24, 2004, when she was only 9 months old! She went on to beat the #2 AHT for BOB honors. Saryn has been taking many BOB and Grp placements and ended 2004 in the 4th spot in Top 10! Not too shabby for a girl who couldn’t start showing until July when she turned 6 months old! For 2005, Saryn ended the year in #6 spot. Saryn really stopped LOVING conformation and since we don’t ask our dogs to do things they don’t enjoy, she was retired from the ring.

Performance Events: Saryn likes Terrier Racing…but only a little!  She performs best when sitting on your lap, or sleeping in your bed!!

Pups: Saryn passed all health clearances at age 2 and was bred to CA USGCH UFGCH GRCH Flinthill’s Rum Runner @ WMK (Rummy). They had 5 pups on December 12, 2006 (3 hairless, 2 coated). Two of the pups (PS and Dytto) went straight to pet homes and were spoiled rotten! The other 3 participated in conformation and performance events. RJay is a conformation CH with legs towards his GRCH title (not exhibited often). Aryck stayed with us, earned his GRCH title in 2007 and then was altered and went to live with Ryan’s sister where he is loved dearly. Iyan lived with June and Walt Pasko, earning his USGCH UFGCH and GRCH titles. Iyan was a multi-year Top 10 and All Stars participant. Iyan passed away on 10/12/12 due to complications from an injury. He is missed terribly.

Saryn was bred one more time to GRCH Desert Highs Light of Eternity (Prince), a Rat Terrier. The pairing produced 3 beautiful girls, all coated carriers on June 29, 2008 (Walt Pasko’s birthday). Sprout earned her CH title, was altered and lives with Ryan’s mom. Sunny is CA UFR GRCH WMK’s That New Gift and was given as a gift to the Walt and June Pasko. Sunny has been ranked in Top 10 since 2009. She even WON TOP 10 for our breed for the 2010 year (competition held in June 2011) and made it to through the Semi-Finals, placing as one of the TOP 20 dogs in all of UKC! The final little girl was Journey and she has remained with us. Please see her photo/page for info!

As of February 2013, Saryn continues to be a loving, incredible dog who loves sleeping with us. She is a great squirrel chaser and bird hunter!

Jan 2016 – Saryn is a spoiled girl! She sleeps with Corbyn every night. She and her daughter, Journey, took over as a leading team after the passing of Saryn’s mom, Taylor. At 12 years old, Saryn shows no signs of slowing down!!