American Hairless Terriers in Florida

WMK Litter Stats

This is information on ALL of the pups we have ever produced – listed from our  most recent to our very 1st (including those co-bred that carry the WMK name, but were not born here)!


CAX UFGCH USCH GRCH WMK’s That New Journey (Journey) to UFR USR GRCH Sarantais Mercy N Justice@WMK “Perry” 

9 pups – 1 coated female, 5 hairless females, 3 hairless males
DOB: February 6, 2015

 WMK’s Walking on Jupiter (Walkyr) – Walkyr currently lives in Michigan and has already had a great start to his conformation career! He has taken the Best Puppy in the National Specialty in June 2015. He has also won Best Puppy in several other shows, including BEST of the Best Puppy!  Walky has also earned Best 4-6 month old puppy in AKC and went on to earn a Group placement as well!! Way to go Walkyr and his mom Janette!

Walkyr also earned a 3 point major in his FIRST AKC show on 1/9/2016!  Great job Walkyr and Aaron! What a team!! Walkyr is up to 9 points towards his CH title and has both of his majors already. He has also earned his CH title in UKC already.

PL3A0982 PL3A0430 PL3A0274 PL3A0285

WalkyrBest of the Best Puppy UKC6-7-15 WalkyrGrp1AKC6-6-15 Walkyr UKC Best Puppy Pic 7-2015 2015-3-22WalkyrRock_1207
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————–WMK’s Observing Jupiter (Hubbyl) – Hubbyl Bubbyl lives with our son, Aaron. She is 1 of his 2 “heart dogs”…she is a spoiled girl who sleeps with Aaron every night! Hubbyl earned her CH title in UKC. She has also earned 7 points (1 major) towards her CH title in AKC.


2015-3-27HubbylTunnel_1316Hubbyl Down 7-5-15 Hubbyl 7-5-15

WMK’s Drops of Jupiter (Carmy)
– Carmy is now called Candi and is in a great pet home in South FL. Candi is loved dearly!CandyCarmy

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-WMK’s Frozen Sky (Helyx) – Helyx, now called, Amos (OK…so we still call him Helyx…LOL), is co-owned with us and lives in Davenport, FL. Helyx is a beautiful boy who will do amazingly well in the show ring. At his first UKC puppy match, he made the cut (top 6) out of 14 pups both days.  He couldn’t beat his sisters though!

At age 1, Helyx is already a GRCH in UKC and more impressively, he was the 5th AHT in history to earn an AKC CH title. He then went on to earn his AKC GCH title as well….at the time of this update, there are only 3 AHTs with GCH titles in AKC. His mother, Journey, was the first and Helyx was the 3rd (Vyper was the 2nd)! Helyx is currently ranked #1 in AHTs in the country in AKC. He and Ryan have earned several Owner Handler Group placements and a Bred By Exhibitor Group 1 too!!!

PL3A0535 PL3A0529PL3A0329 PL3A0300  PL3A0373 PL3A0508


2015-6-3HelyxStack_1788 2015-6-3HelyxDown_1814

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-WMK’s New Horizons (Alyra) – Alyra is also co-owned with us and lives in Lutz, FL. Alyra is turning into the spitting image of her mom, but in chocolate!  Alyra won the Best Puppy match over 13 other pups on 7/26/15.  She made the cut the day before, but lost to her sister, Haylo!

Alyra earned her CH title in UKC and is 1 win from her GRCH title.  Alyra has also earned her CH title in AKC and was the 9th AHT to do so. She is also the 2nd coated bitch…2nd to her mom, Journey. She has also earned 13 points towards her GCH title! She has earned a BOB and represented us well in Group!

Alyra20150726BestPuppy Alyra20150726

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-WMK’s Jupiter Exalted (Stytch) – Stytch, now called Mal, is in a great home here in FL. Stytch is a well loved pet for an allergy sufferer.

Stytch 7-2015

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-WMK’s Jupiter Ascending (Haylo) – Haylo originally stayed with us in our home. She is turning into a stunning little girl!  Haylo beat 13 other pups on 7/25/15 to earn Best Puppy honors! She lost on 7/26/15 to her sister Alyra!!  Haylo also went on to earn her UKC CH title.

In March 2016, Haylo went to live with her new family in CA! They are really enjoying their new baby and Haylo is living the spoiled life!!

Haylo20150725BestPuppy HayloHubbyl20150726 Haylo and HubbylHelyxAlyraHayloHubbyl20150726
Helyx, Alyra, Haylo, Hubbyl
Haylo Stack 7-5-15

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-WMK’s Larklight (IO) – IO, now called Lolo, is living in Arkansas with a GREAT family!!  She’s growing into a beautiful AHT!

IO 7-2015cr IO 7-2015_

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-WMK’s Cloud Atlas (Jupityr) – Jupityr is living in the Netherlands and is practicing for her show career in Europe!

Jupityr in Netherlands

CAX UFGCH USCH GRCH WMK’s That New Journey (Journey) to CAX UFCH USCH GRCH Flinthill’s Rum Runner @ WMK (Rummy)

7 pups – 3 coated females (2 carriers), 2 hairless females, 1 coated male (carrier), 1 hairless male
DOB: November 26, 2012

CA UFR GRCH WMK’s Shock Topp (Hopps)
HoppsBIS-5998-LakeFLAug13 HR_860x450 2013-5-26HoppsDown_2471

Hopps stayed with us! He earned his Grand Champion conformation title relatively quickly (despite his curly tail and less than ideal ears). He also took a Best In Multi-Breed Show in FL. Shortly after his first birthday, he began his lure coursing and racing career. In his first weekend out, he ran 4 qualifying lure coursing runs, earning his Coursing Aptitude title and 1 leg towards his CAX. He ran in 4 flat races, winning them all, and earning his Flat Racer title. He sat out one Steeple Race (to help out a friend), so he is one race shy of his steeple racing title…but no worries, he’ll have it soon enough!! Hopps is also training for agility and to be Corbyn’s service dog! He’s a great boy and is dearly loved!! 

CA USR GRCH WMK’s Cereal Killer (Wheat)
Wheat stayed here with us! She is quite the character, full of love AND energy! She earned her Grand Champion title prior to her 1st birthday. In her first eligible weekend, Wheat qualified in 4 of 4 of her lure coursing runs, earning her Coursing Aptitude title and 1 leg towards her CAX. She also began her Terrier Racing career…with steep competition! She took Steeples by storm, earning a USR her first weekend out.  In Flats, she is pointed but has a few more races before the title will be hers! Wheat is also in training for agility. She is one speed demon!   

CA CH WMK’s Against the Grain (Ryce aka Royce)

Royce is genetically a Rat Terrier (does not carry the hairless gene). She lives with a good friend in FL who has 2 of our other AHTs. Royce earned her Champion conformation title and has 1 leg towards her Grand Champion title. She also began her racing career shortly after her 1st birthday. She shows lots of promise, but had tons of competition!!! Royce qualified in 4 of 4 coursing runs, earning her Coursing Aptitude and 1 leg towards her CAX.   

GRCH WMK’s Grain Assault (Grytz)
Grytz GrytzLureCourse GrytzTR

Grytz is a coated carrier who lives with a good friend in FL who has 2 of our other AHTs. She earned her Grand Champion conformation title in December 2013. She began her racing and coursing career as well. Grytz has her own mind and likes to do “part” of the lure course, so she has more work to do before she’ll get her titles. Her mom is a fighter, thought, and will train until she wins!!  

WMK’s A Hero’s Journey (Quest aka Bugsy)
BugsyGait6-2013_2885 BugsyTR6-2013_2976 BugsyTR6-2013_2977 BugsyTR6-2013_2978 BugsyTR6-2013_2979Bugsy

Bugsy went to live in PA. He is with a loving family who is willing to show him from time to time. Bugsy’s first show was at Premier, where he took Best of Winners! He has not been out since then, but hopefully he’ll finish his titles! He is certainly spoiled and even gets along with their pet Guinea Pig.

WMK’s Journey to Sarantais (Barley)

Barley is living with our dear friends Sari and Ari in Finland. She is pointed towards her Champion title (shows are limited and competition is fierce) and will begin her racing career as well. Barley is also in training for agility!

WMK’s In Grained Journey (Flayx aka Elli)

Flayx is also living in Finland. She is with a loving family and will participate in conformation and racing as well! 


CA UFR GRCH WMK’s That New Gift (Sunny) to NBOB UWP UFGCH USGCH GRCH ‘PR’ WMK’s Outlander (Gavyn)

5 pups – 1 coated female, 2 hairless females, 1 coated male, 1 hairless male DOB: April 26, 2012 These pups were born and raised at June and Walt Pasko’s house.

USR UFR CH WMK Little Oak’s Killer Whale (Orca)
2013-5-26OrcaRun_25012012-8-19OrcaDown_0424 2012-8-19OrcaDownGrass_0483

Orca came to live with us at age 8 wks. She has since earned her Champion conformation title and 3 legs towards her Grand Champion title. She seems to be the queen of reserve wins! She has also earned her first Steeple and Flat Racing titles. Orca is looking for her forever home and when it is found, it will break our hearts, but it is the right thing to do for her!!

GRCH WMK Little Oak’s Sytka (Sytka)

Sytka is still with June after earning her Grand Champion title. She is really a princess who prefers to sit on laps in sleep in bed vs. competing!! 

WMK Little Oak’s Dynali @ Sarantais (Dynali)
Dynal lives with our dear friends Sari and Ari in Finland. She is pointed towards her Champion title (with so few shows and tons of competition, earning a Champion title is a HUGE accomplishment). She is working on her racing titles and is in training for agility as well.  

SB weight pull
SB Lives with a dear friend in Washington State. He has been very busy earning his Grand Champion conformation title and ending both 2013 and 2014 in the #10 spot in Top 10!  SB SB SB earned a total dog award at the 2015 Premier. SB is a weight pull rock star and it is very seldom that he does not pull the max weight allowed by the United Kennel Club. SB is a good racer. However, he was too much of a gentleman to push through the hole. So, in 2015, he earned his first Drag Racing titles  – Steeple and Flat aptitudes. He really doesn’t much like to swim though and will probably never get a dock jumping title. Val and SB are currently working on the Rat Senior title and SB loves the Barn Hunt game.. He will continue with Barn Hunt until he reaches his Master. We are also working toward his CAX in UKC and his CATX (or whatever it is) in AKC. SB is also a trained service dog and has almost as many frequent flyer miles as most pilots! Val believes she is VERY lucky to have this very special boy in her life!

CH WMK Little Oak’s Glaycier (Glaycier )
Glaycier earned his Champion title in conformation, but showing and performance events were just not his thing!! Glaycier stayed with June until November 2013 and then went to live with friends who have 2 other AHTs from us. He is in TX being spoiled by a wonderful family!  


UACH USR UFR UWP GRCH Flinthill’s Something Wicked @ WMK (Evyl) to UFR USR GRCH Saraintais Mercy N Justice @ WMK (Perry)

6 pups – 3 hairless females, 3 hairless males            DOB: July 23, 2010

Does anyone think it strange that Evyl had 2 litters born on the same day in different years??

USR UFR ‘PR’ WMK’s An Echo in the Bone (Echo aka Cocoa)
Cocoa lives 1/2 of the year in FL and 1/2 of the year in NY in a loving pet home. When in FL, she occasionally comes out to race and lure course!

Gavyn was born here and remains here to this day. He took the conformation ring by storm, earning his Grand Champion title very quickly. Gavyn was ranked #1 in Top 10 in 2011 and 2012. He won the Top 10 competition at Premier June 2012! Gavyn also won the VERY FIRST AHT National Specialty in October 2012 thus becoming the very first AHT to earn the coveted NBOB title. Gavyn has also earned his Weight Pull title but really excels in Terrier Racing! He earned his Grand Champion titles in both Flat and Steeple Racing with outstanding competition. 

‘PR’ WMK’s A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Skye aka Saydie)
Skye lives in a wonderful pet home in WI! She is dearly loved! 

‘PR’ WMK’s Voyager (Kynzie) Lives in a wonderful pet home in MD.  (awaiting updated pic)

CH ‘PR’ WMK’s The Fiery Cross (Jemmy aka Jagger)
He lives in a wonderful pet home in FL, but has come out a few times and has earned his Champion conformation title! 

UWP CA UFCH USCH GRCH ‘PR’ WMK’s Drum’s of Autumn (Reilly)
Reilly was born here and remained here for 2 years of her life. During that time, she earned her  Grand Champion, United Weight Puller, Coursing Aptitude, and Champion titles in Flat and Steeple Racing. Although we loved her dearly and it broke our hearts, we placed her in a family situation with her sister, Skye. She is living the spoiled life with 3 kids who can’t get enough of her! 


GRCH WYSIWYG’s Gypsy Spirit (Gypsy)  to CAX UFCH USCH GRCH Flinthill’s Rum Runner @ WMK (Rummy)

7 pups – 4 coated female, 1 hairless female, 1 coated male, 1 hairless male            DOB: October 19, 2009

This breeding was done to fulfill a dying man’s dream (he has since passed but we did all he asked of us prior to his death). The pups were initially raised at a friend’s (she has Gypsy), but 5 of the 7 came to live with us at age 6 wks and they all carry our kennel name.

CA UFCH USCH GRCH ‘PR’ WMK’s Extra Ordinary (Gumbeaux)

Stayed with her human and dog mom in Wesley Chapel, FL. She has earned her GRCH conformation title and Champion titles in both racing events. She also earned a CA title in Dec 2013.

UFCH USCH GRCH’PR” WMK’s Silver Surfer (Blue aka Turbeaux)

Found his way to MD but returned to us for showing and racing. He quickly earned his GRCH in conformation and his racing titles too. Blue was neutered and is living with his forever family in NJ.   

CA GRCH ‘PR’ WMK’s Queen of New Orleans (Roux aka Maggie)

Was in a great pet home in Wesley Chapel, FL but decided she was quite the terrier and went off to live with her sister Jenna, in Lutz. Maggie surprised us all by earning her CH title VERY quickly (8/2010) and then on to her GRCH title. She has since been spayed and lives the spoiled life of a queen! She is also working on her racing titles and her lure coursing titles. 

UNJ UFR UWPCH USR GRCH ‘PR’ WMK’s Big Blur @ Grimes (Tasseaux aka Taz)

Found himself amongst American Pit Bull Terriers. He is in a show/performance home in Naples, FL. Taz earned his CH title in 8/2010 and went on to earn his GRCH title. Although he trained for agility, he has done better in weight pull (champion title) and dock jumping! He also dabbles in terrier racing, but likes to look around vs. run fast! 

UFCH USR GRCH ‘PR’ WMK’s Rarely Spoken (Voodoux aka Jenna)

Is in a wonderful pet, turned show, home in Lutz, FL. Jenna was the first in this litter to earn her CH title (5/2010) and was also the first to earn her GRCH title (8/2010). She’s turning out to be quite the little show dog! She has really come into her own and is currently ranked #7 in Top 10 (12/2013). We are hoping she can continue to win and keep her in Top 10! She has earned her Champion Flat Racing title and is working on her champion Steeple title. She’s also working on her lure coursing titles. 

CA UFGCH USCH GRCH ‘PR’ WMK’s I Can Dig It @ Onesti (Flambeaux aka Spud)

Found herself amongst Collies!  She is in a show/performance home in New Port Richey, FL. Spud earned her CH title in 8/2010 and went on to earn her GRCH title as well. She has also earned a GRCH in Flat racing and a CH title in Steeple racing. She has a CA in Lure Coursing and is working on her CAX. Spud is also the first AHT to earn the American Temperament Test Society TT Certificate.  You can also see Spud and OE in the ThunderLeash commercial, including a split screen “before” and “after” shot!  Check it out!!

CAX UFCH USCH GRCH WMK’s Purple Reign (Shadeaux aka O.E. aka One Eye)
 OEOE_Run OE_TR OEFace OEKatie OESpudCollies    

What can I say about Miss O.E. She stole our heart but found her way to Spud’s house! Katie has done a fantastic job with the girls! OE earned her CH title at the end of 7/2010 and went on to earn her GRCH title. She has also earned her racing titles and a her CAX in lure coursing too! OE is the 2nd AHT to earn the American Temperament Test Society TT Certificate (2nd only to her sister, Spud)!  You can also see Spud and OE in the ThunderLeash commercial, including a split screen “before” and “after” shot!  Check it out!!


          CH WMK’s Tagnon’s Turnover (Sofie aka Taygie) to UFCH USCH GRCH Flinthill’s Rum Runner @ WMK (Rummy)

4 pups – 1 coated female, 3 hairless males            DOB: October 31, 2008

WMK’s Limited Engagement (Griffyn)

Is living in a wonderful pet home in CA.


Fyji stayed with us and earned her GRCH title in Sept 2009 when she was only 10 months old. She also took a RBIMBS that weekend too! Way to go Fyji!!!! Fyji has earned several other BIMBS and RBIMBS titles as well. She ended 2010 ranked #7 in Top 10! Fyji is also an amazing terrier racer, earning both GRCH titles in flat and steeples. She has also earned her CAX in Lure Coursing in 2013.

WMK’s Paladyn (Paladyn aka Smudge)

Is living in TX with his mom Sofie.

WMK’s Power to Be (Drayak aka Rudy)
Drayak-Rudy10-09-1785cr Rudy is the solid colored boy.

Rudy went to live with a great family in FL but they had allergies and he had to come back home for a while. Now he is living the surfer boy life in CA!


GRCH WMK’s That’s That For That (Saryn) to GRCH Desert Highs Light of Eternity (Prince

3 pups – all female – All coated carriers     DOB:  June 29, 2008

CH WMK’s That New Beginning (Sprout)

Went to live with one of Aaron’s friends for the first year of her life and earned her CH title during that time. She has since been spayed and is living with Ryan’s mom in WI!! She is super spoiled and having a great time!

CA UFR GRCH WMK’s That New Gift (Pasko aka Sunny)
SunnyPup SunnyPups


She was co-owned with Walter and June Pasko for much of her life. These pups were born on Walt’s bday! Sunny earned her conformation titles quickly and took a RBIMBS in Sept 2009 in Perry, GA!!!! She took a BIMBS in San Antonio, FL in Oct 2009. Way to go Walt and Sunny. Sunny ended 2009, 2010, and 2012 in the #4 spot in top 10 and was #3 in 2011. Sunny also won Top 10 at Premier June 2011 and made it into the Finals. Way to go June and Sunny!! Sunny has also earned a flat racing title and a lure coursing title. Sunny had a litter of 5 pups in April 2012. See her litter stats for details!

CAX USCH UFGCH GRCH WMK’s That New Journey (Journey)

Journey lives here with us and was the first of the girls to earn her GRCH title. Journey earned a Best In Show title in Lakeland, FL in May 2009 at the Sunshine Terrier event. She took BIMBS on 10/24/09 and 10/25/09 in Tampa, FL at the APBT Showdogs of FL event. She has earned quite a few additional BIMBS and RBIMBS honors. Journey ended the 2009 and 2010 show years in the #1 spot in Top 10! In 2011, she ended in the #8 spot (Karyn was showing Gavyn not Journey, this year). Journey finished just out of Top 10 in 2012 (Gavyn was #1 again). Journey is currently ranked #3 in Top 10 for 2013. Journey has also gone on to earn her United Flat Champion and United Steeple Grand Champion Racing titles and a CAX in Lure Coursing.


 THIS WAS AN OOOOPS BREEDING….we did not intend to repeat it…we don’t do back to back breedings…but Tog and Evyl had other ideas!!!  And let me tell you….they did a lovely job!!

UWP GRCH Flinthill’s Something Wicked @ WMK (Evyl) to UFR USR UWP GRCH WMK’s Catch Me If U Can (Toggyl)

4 pups – 2 female, 2 male       DOB: July 23, 2007

 WMK’s Total D’Nyle (Zadyn)

Was living in a wonderful pet home in WA state where he was a well loved, very pampered baby! Unfortunately, Zadyn passed over the Rainbow Bridge from liver complications in Dec 2013. His family misses him dearly.

CH WMK’s D’Nyle is Blyss (Blyss)

Blyss lives in a show home with Elena in MS and is slowly working on her GRCH title. She may also have a try at Weight Pull too! Blyss was bred to Cytra’s son, Mako and had lovely pups in Sept 2010. 

WMK’s State of D’Nyle (D’Nyle)
DNyleRock9-15-07_094 DNyleZadynFontGrSon9-15-07_070

Off to a show/breed home in TX….to be with his Daddy, Toggyl and Brookyr and Cytra.

GRCH WMK’s Reality Corruption (Kyro)
KyroFace2-28-09_0298 KyroStand11-10-07_0152

Kyro earned a RBIMBS honor at only 6 months old! She is currently spayed an living in VA with a wonderful family!


GRCH WMK’s That’s That For That (Saryn) to GRCH Flinthill’s Rum Runner @ WMK (Rummy)

5 pups – 1 female, 4 male – 3 hairless, 2 coated     DOB: Dec 12, 2006

WMK’s P.S. That’s It (P.S.- stands for Pip-Squeak)
PSandLogyn12-11-06 PSJess2-15-07_3054

PS is in a loving home in Chicago.

CH WMK’s That Red Rum (RJay = Rum Jr.)

Started off his show career with us, but is in TX in his FOREVER home to finish it out!  RJay started off as the most outgoing pup, but had a run in with a large dog that had escaped its owner (at a show) and it took a lot of work to get him back up to wanting to be out at dog shows.  He’s since earned his CH title and has worked towards his GRCH with limited showing.

WMK’s Been There Done That (Dytto)

Is in a wonderful pet home in FL.

USCH UFCH GRCH WMK’s All That @LittleOak (Iyan)

Iyan was placed in a show/breed home with Honorable Judges, June and Walt Pasko in FL. They did a great job with our little man and took him to his CH title in August 2007 at the age of 8 months. He then earned his GRCH title at the end of 2007 and went on to earn his Champion Terrier Racing titles in 2009! Iyan ended 2009 in the #5 spot in Top 10!!! Iyan earned his Grand Champion racing titles as well becoming the second 12.5-15″ double Grand in TR history (his sire, Rummy, was the first). Iyan passed over the rainbow bridge in 2012 after a back injury that affected his bowel/bladder and rear leg function. He is dearly missed.

GRCH WMK’s That’s That (Aryck)

Stayed with us and earned his CH title early August 2007 at the age of 8 months. He went on to earn his GRCH title in 2007. He has since been neutered and is living with Ryan’s sister and her family in IL as a well loved family member.


UWP GRCH Flinthill’s Something Wicked @ WMK (Evyl) to UFR USR UWP GRCH WMK’s Catch Me If U Can (Toggyl)

5 pups – 4 female, 1 male       DOB: Dec 2, 2006

WMK’s Wycked Won (Zeyn)
ZeynFamily3682 ZeynFront5-28-07-3632

Zeyn lives in a wonderful pet home in DE.

WMK’s Speak No Evyl (Jordyn) (solid black pup below) and WMK’s Something Wycked (Saxyn) (white and red piebald below) are in loving pet homes in FL with 2 of our other pups from previous litters!
2007-01-28JordynFront28832007-01-20-SaxynFront2688  2007-02-03JonMelisJordBillSaxMand2965
Jordyn and Saxyn with Billie and Mandy

WMK’s Wycked White Lie (Mykkael)

Mykkael is in a loving pet home in WA with Nathyn, a pup from a previous litter.

WMK’s Wycked Web We Weave (Webb aka Manchita)
Webb9-15-07Papi_0072 WebbAaron9-15-07_0075

Manchi is in an incredible pet home in FL with Kaisyr and Malyk’s family’s parents!!


CH WudNshu’s A Life Less Ordinary (Camryn) to UWP GRCH ‘PR’ WMK’s Catch Me If U Can (Toggyl)

4 pups – 2 female, 2 male       DOB: March 24, 2006

WMK’s Evolutionary Nirvana – Ardyn is in a wonderful pet  home in KY (pup below on Right)

WMK’s My Real Dilemma – Mya – Is in a terrific pet home in FL with Casyn/Mandy. (Pup above on Left)

UFCH USCH GRCH WMK’s What’s The Catch? – Logyn

Was originally in a show/breed home in FL. Logyn earned his GRCH title at the tender age of 7 months!! He was neutered and living the spoiled life and coming out to race periodically. 

WMK’s Turning Angel – Avery

Avery is in an incredible pet home in FL.


Freedom (UWP GRCH WMK’s Enduring Freedom) and Rowdy (Wade’s RedNeck RabbleRouser)

6 pups – 3 female, 3 male       DOB: December 12, 2005

WMK’s Hidden Secrets “Natchyz” (now called Ezra) Is in a loving pet home in CA.

WMK’s Great Expectations “Ragyn” (now called Ravyn) (See pic above with Ezra)-Stayed with us for a bit to see how she’d grow out. She competed in her first puppy match at the beginning of May 2006 and took 1 Best Puppy honor. At age 8 months, she was spayed and placed with her sister, Ezra in CA. They both have wonderful lives being spoiled (in a good way) by a great Mom!

WMK’s Analyze This “Malyk” (now called Bo) Is in a pet home in MD with his brother, Roggie (Kaisyr).
2006-3-20_MalykKaisyrCuteBo colorBo lounging3


WMK’s Best Defense “Kaisyr” (now called Roggie) Is in a pet home in MD with his brother, Bo (Malyk) (see photos above and below).
Rogie lounging-2Bo and Rogie2 color

WMK’s Never Enough Time “Nevy” – Died during the birthing process after getting stuck in the birth canal. We rushed her to our vet, but sadly it was too late. She has her final resting place at our home. To this date, she’s the only pup we’ve ever lost during during the whelping process. 

WMK’s Case Closed “Nathyn

Nathan is in a terrific pet home in WA.


Taylor (UWP GRCH ‘PR’ Wade’s Red Red Whine) and  Rowdy (Wade’s RedNeck RabbleRouser)

4 pups – 3 female, 1 male       DOB: December 3, 2005

CH WMK’s  Fasten Your Seatbelt (“Lawtey” aka Monty)
Monty2-2008_0014 MontyHead2-2008_0017

Monty was in a show/breed home in FL.  Monty earned his CH title with limited showing in May 2007.  He ended his show career with 3 wins towards his GRCH title (Oct 2009). He has since been neutered and continues to live with his mom. 

GRCH WMK’s  Blinded By the Light  (“Cytra”)
Exif JPEG CytraBradTonia8-2006-1031 CytraSide5-10-08

Cytra started out her show career with with us. She competed in her first puppy match at the beginning of May 2006 and took 1 Reserve Best Puppy and 2 Best Puppy honors.  She quickly earned her CH title and 2 legs towards her GRCH title, while here in FL. Cytra then moved to TX with her sister Brook.  Cytra earned her GRCH title in August 2007.  She had puppies in 2008 with a beautiful Rat Terrier and produced some of the best tempered and structured dogs we have seen!  We are fortunate to have one of those babies here with us and at the age of 14 months, she is already a GRCH!  Cytra was bred to Toggyl and had 2 precious boys in Nov 2009.

CH WMK’s I Said It Already (“Brookyr” aka Brook)
4-3-06BrookBlueBonnet 2006-04-19BrookPurpleJPG 2006-06-05BrookPlayPoseSand

Brook is in a show/breed home in TX with her sister Cytra. She mad her show debut July 1, 2006 and earned her CH title shortly thereafter.  Brook has now been retired and is living the life of luxury with her family.

CH WMK’s  Show Me Watcha Got (“Casyn” aka Mandy)
2-11-06CasynJonMelissa 2007-02-03JonMelisJordBillSaxMand2965

Mandy is in a show/breed home in FL.  She competed in her first puppy match at the beginning of May 2006 and placed behind her litter mate, Cytra, and Ragyn…but this was her first show and her mom’s first show too! They will continue training and see how it goes!  Mandy went on to earn her CH title in Dec 2006 and was retired.  She’s a spoiled girl for sure!


Camryn (CH Wudnshu’s A Life Less Ordinary) and D’Lanor (CH Wudnshu’s Dedicated To You)

 3 pups – 2 female, 1 male       DOB: November 12, 2004

WMK’s Calvary Rock (Calvary/Nickel)
CalvaryAaron Cy & Nic 018

Calvary/Nickel Is in a pet home in CA.  She is doing great!!

WMK’s Triple Point (Trinity)

Trinity is in OR and has been spayed.  She is quite the handful!!

WMK’s Absolute Power (Faldyn/Falco) – Falco is also in a pet home in OR and is spoiled rotten!!


                       Freedom (UWP GRCH WMK’s Enduring Freedom) and Tagnon (CH Flinthill’s One Musketeer):

3 pups – 2 female, 1 male       DOB: January 18, 2004

UWPO UWPCH CH ‘PR’ WMK’s Mystic Legend (Tykoda aka Ben)

Ben earned BOTH his United Weight Puller’s title and his CH title in the summer of 2005. In Sept 2005, Ben became the first AHT to earn the UWP CHAMPION title! Ben has even taken home MOST WEIGHT PULLED PER POUND honors! I think that weight pulling is really his calling! He ended 2005 #25 in Weight Pull All Stars! He ended 2006 #15 in Weight Pull All Stars. He is the first AHT to make it on the All Stars list! He took top honors at Premier in June 2007 when competing for his All Star title!! Way to go Ben!! Thanks to Janet and Bill for providing him with a loving home!

‘PR’ WMK’s Dream Warrior (Myka)
mykaandbeatrice3-2009 Myka beach 11 05

Myka spent her life in NY as a beloved pet. On 8/7/2015, Myka died peacefully from respiratory issues and pneumonia. She was well loved her and we can’t thank her family enough for providing her with an amazing home. 

‘PR’ WMK’s Spirit Wind (Chayton aka Buffy)

Buffy was in a loving pet home in Tallahassee, FL with her half-brother, Petri.  Buffy spent a good number of her years blind from SARDS and unfortunately fell in the pool and drowned on 12/10/2014. Her family was devastated by the loss of their baby. 


Taylor (UWP GRCH ‘PR’ Wade’s Red Red Whine) and Tagnon (CH Flinthill’s One Musketeer)

5 pups – 3 male, 2 female       DOB: January 6, 2004

GRCH ‘PR’ WMK’s That’s That For That (Saryn)
Saryn5-10-08_0152 1-17-05Saryn2013-9-28Saryn 

Saryn has remained here at WMK! She competed in 2 puppy show weekends and took 2nd, 3rd, and 2nd place out of all the breeds at one of the shows. At the first ever AHT Specialty, Saryn won the Best Puppy honors! In her first “real” show, Saryn went on to win BOB honors over the CH and GRCH (7/18/04)! Saryn became a CH on Aug 7, 2004, just one day after her 7 month birthday! She became a GRCH on Oct 24, 2004, when she was only 9 months old! She went on to beat the #2 AHT for BOB honors. Saryn took multiple BOB and Grp placements and ended 2004 in the 4th spot in Top 10! Not too shabby for a girl who couldn’t start showing until July when she turned 6 months old! For 2005, Saryn ended the year in #6 spot. Saryn has made significant contributions to our program with her two beautiful litters. Saryn’s first litter yielded 5 pups. Of those five, 2 are GRCH, 1 is a CH (still working on the GRCH title). One of the GRCH has his Terrier Racing titles too. In her second litter, she produced 3 beautiful girls with a wonderful Rat terrier. Of those three girls, two are GRCH and have had great success in the AHT breed ring with multiple RBIMBS and BIMBS along with Top Ten placements (see Journey and Sunny above) and one, Sprout, is a CH. All are wonderful dogs. Saryn’s girls have also earned multiple racing titles and have produced some beautiful grandbabies for their Mom.

UFR USR UWP GRCH ‘PR’ WMK’s Catch Me If U Can (Toggyl)
3-31-06ToggylHAAHTASpecialty Toggyl6-12-04

Toggyl was initially in a show/breed home in Aloha, OR. He competed in his first show in Sept 2004 and took a Terrier Grp 2 win! Way to go!! He even won a terrier racing event!! Toggyl came to hang with us in January 2006 and quickly earned his CH title, followed by his GRCH title March 30, 2006! That same weekend, Toggyl earned his United Weight Puller’s Title and ascended to the #2 spot in Top 10! He took home his first of several Best in Specialty honors in HAAHTA’s first show! Toggyl also took home 3 Total Dog Awards! Toggyl is currently co-owned with Tonia Cormier, Silverado Kennel, in TX. Toggyl ended 2006 as the #2 AHT and was in the #2 spot for 2007 as well. In 2008, he was in the #8 spot. Toggyl has 2 Best in Show (1 in TX with Tonia) and 4 Reserve Best in Show wins to date. He is credited with the most Specialty wins of any AHT.

‘PR’ WMK’s So Be It (Tessyn aka Pixie)

Pixie was originally in a show home, but has since been spayed and is loved by her family! 

‘PR’ WMK’s In Your Honor (Alyck)
AlyckConyr2-29-04 AlyckPaperTowel3-1-04

Alyck is in a show/breed home in the Netherlands. Right now, AHTs are not recognized as a breed in that country. However, Fitz will be able to show Alyck in some open matches. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

‘PR’ WMK’s For Valour (Brackyn aka Symon)
Symon7-22-04 SymonDressed-8-7-04
Symon is in a loving pet home in Michigan!


Camryn (CH Wudnshu’s A Life Less Ordinary) and Tagnon (CH Flinthill’s One Musketeer) :

 6 pups – 3 females, 3 males        DOB:Jan 22, 2003

GRCH WMK’s Illumination (Sade)

Earned her UKC Champion title on Dec 14, 2003 at 11 months of age. She went on to win a BOB over the CH and GRCH winners! Sade earned GRCH title on June 26, 2004. She ended 2004 in the #5 position in Top 10! Sade was co-owned by Karyn Pingel and Elizabeth White. Sadly, Sade was hit by a car and died in 2011. She is dearly missed by all who loved her.

UWPCH UFR USR GRCH WMK’s Ordinary Triumph (Mikko)
3-31-06Mikko24 Mikko 

On January 17, 2004 just 5 days shy of his first birthday, Mikko earned his UKC Championship! He got there by beating out a Best In Show winner and earned a Group 3 placement! On June 13, 2004, Mikko became a GRCH…winning 3 of 4 CH classes at Premier to do it…wooo hooo! On July 17, 2004, Mikko earned a Group 1 win and went on to win BEST IN SHOW! What a fantastic win in the first year of AHT breed recognition with UKC!!! This made Mikko the 3rd AHT to win a Best In Show Title. Mikko went on to win Reserve Best In Show in Ixonia, WI on November 7, 2004. Mikko ended 2004 as the #1 AHT! At Premier in June 2005, Mikko took Best of Breed from all of the other Top 10 competitors. He made it through the semi-finals and then into the Top 10 finals competition where only the top 20 dogs (all breed) from 2004 went on to compete. Mikko took home the #8 honor. Out of 114 breeds and more than 840 Top dogs who came to compete, Mikko placed 8th!!! Such an amazing accomplishment and wonderful recognition for a new breed! His BIG wins are up to 5 Best In Multi-Breed Shows, 5 Reserve BIMBS and 5+ Total Dog awards! Mikko is more than just a beautiful boy, he is strong and fast too!  Mikko has also earned his United Weight Puller CHAMPION title (2nd AHT to do that behind Freedom’s son, Ben aka Tykoda) and is the first hairless AHT to take home a Terrier Racing title…the United Flat Racer title!  He has also earned his United Steeple Racer title. Way to go! Huge thanks to Cindi for working with this boy and getting him out there!

CH WMK’s Have Mercy (Annika/Salli)

Salli lives in Finland and was 1 of 3 AHTs that went over to begin Finland’s breeding program. Salli has been in some “open matches” in Finland as AHTs are currently not a recognized breed in that country. Sari Uusitalo, her new mom, is working on recognition with the other AHT owners there. On January 3, 2004, Salli took a Best In Show 4th!  That means that of the thousands of dogs there, she won her group and went on to compete for BIS…coming in 4th is terrific! Salli came back to visit us at the end of 2004 and was able to compete in one weekend of shows. She earned her CH title that weekend! We can’t thank Sari and Ari enough for providing such a great home for this girl! Salli has had three litters of pups – 2005, 2007, and 2009. One of the pups came to live with us in June 2009. 

WMK’s Strength In Numbers (Kalle)

Kalle spent his entire life in a wonderful pet home in FL. He was loved dearly by his family. He passed away February 19, 2015.  His family misses him dearly.

WMK’s Set In Stone (Petri/Herbie)
DSC_0283 DSC_0290

Herbie is in a wonderful pet home in FL.

WMK’s Pure Perfection (Kaija)

Kaija is in a loving pet home.


Taylor (UWP GRCH ‘PR’ Wade’s Red Red Whine) and Robin (Flinthill’s Red Robin): 5 pups – all female       DOB: Sept 3, 2002

GRCH WMK’s Aragon Journey to WYSIWYG (Ayrieanna)
AyrieJuly Oregon Coast 054 AyrieLindseySit6-8-08-3939

Earned her CH title with UKC on Aug 9, 2003. She became the second hairless Rat Terrier to earn GRCH status on Oct 25, 2003. Ayrieanna was also the FIRST HAIRLESS Rat Terrier to win Best in Multi-Breed Show honors. She did it two times in one weekend (8/9 and 8/10/03). Ayrie also has a Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Show (9/14/03) and several Terrier Group placements. Ayrie ended 2004 as the #3 AHT. She is currently living with a wonderful family as a beloved pet in Idaho.

CH WMK’s Tagnon’s Turnover (Taygie/Sofie)
Sofie7-16-08_0004 SofieHead3-13-04

Sofie Is living in TX (moved from MD at the end of 2008). Sofie came to visit us for several months in 2008 for showing (won her CH title) and breeding to Rummy. She produced 4 pups. One of those babies, Fyji, stayed with us and earned a GRCH title at the age of 10 months! Sofie is now spayed and living the life of luxury.  

WMK’s Turner’s Favor (Laynie/Max)

Max is in a great home in NY!

WMK’s Distant Thunder (Stormy)
_StormyDriveBoat8-2003 _StormyNewSnowSuit3-2004 StormyFlowers

Stormy is in a loving pet home. Stormy is actually a sailing girl and has sailed with her family from N.C. across the ocean to Europe in 2010! 

WMK’s Jameson Night (Jaymie/Jaymie Pepper-Pepsi) On January 9, 2003, Pepper passed over the Rainbow Bridge in a tragic accident. Her family misses her terribly.                                                                            


Camryn (CH Wudnshu’s A Life Less Ordinary) and Bunker (CH Blair’s Star Bunker): 4 pups – 3 females, 1 male         DOB: Oct 12, 2001

UWP GRCH WMK’s Enduring Freedom (Freedom)

Earned CH status on October 27, 2002 just before her first birthday. She went on to become the first hairless Rat Terrier to earn the UKC title of Grand Champion on June 28, 2003. Freedom was the first AHT (not hairless Rat Terrier) to win Best In Multi-Breed Show on March 7, 2004, under honorable Judge, June Pasko. Freedom has also earned several Terrier Group placements. Freedom lives with us and had her first litter of pups on January 18, 2004. Freedom ended 2004 as the #6 AHT in Top 10. Freedom was the first AHT to compete in Weight Pull. On September 11 and 12, 2004, Freedom pulled her way to two qualifying legs towards her United Weight Puller’s Title. She pulled 165 lbs the first time and 180 lbs the second day. On October 30, 2004, Freedom became the FIRST AHT to earn a WP title!! She is on her way to the Champion UWP title as well. Freedom has started her Terrier Racing career as well and has trained for agility!!! Freedom is the “star” of our logo and our son, Aaron’s girl!!

GRCH WMK’s With Liberty (Libby)
LibbyLibbyside7-4-04 LibbySun7-11-04

Earned CH status on March 8, 2003 and GRCH status on March 7, 2004. Earned RESERVE Best In Multi-Breed show under honorable Judge Linda Reece on December 14, 2003. Libby lives a much loved life with Jo and Mike Trapp in Apopka, FL. Libby ended 2004 as the #10 AHT in Top 10! She has had several litters and has made some beautiful babies!

WMK’s Infinite Justice (Justice/Nicky) and WMK’s Little Patriot (Patriot/Phoebe) are in loving pet homes. Nicky went missing July 4, 2004 and was never found. He was spooked by fireworks. Please be extra careful with your pets around the Holidays and/or any time fireworks are likely.  



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