American Hairless Terriers in Florida

Available Puppies/Dogs


PUPPIES: Puppies were born 11/14/2021!  We have 4 coated (2 boys, 2 girls) and 2 hairless (1 boy, 1 girl). If you are interested in a coated pup or a future litter, please write for details and/or to begin the application/approval process!

OLDER PUPS/DOGS:  We often keep more than 1 puppy from a litter and have to make heart wrenching decisions about who stays with us FOREVER and who will find their FOREVER homes outside of their birth family. Those dogs are placed in thoroughly screened homes after being altered (typically ovary sparing spay and/or vasectomy as research has shown that removing sex hormones prior to age 6 years has significant negative ramifications on dogs’ health, growth, bone density, and propensity for cancer). At this time, we do not have any older pups/dogs available.




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  1. Penny Axaopoulos

    This is just a quick note to say Thank You for being a breeder that understands the importance of not neutering your male dogs!! I’ve been advocating such for so many years. I hope more and more go the route of vasectomy. My 15 year old unneutered male rat terrier is proof of the benefits. His hearing & sight may be starting to fail in his geriatric years, but not his muscular little body.


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